Shiksha Associates is an eleven year old company with a view of providing the best educational opportunities to today's children. Focussing on early childhood education, the company was founded by like-minded individuals. It is driven by passion and dedication.

Who can be a franchise?

An individual committed to quality and service and shares our vision and commitment of the brand.

Come, share our vision and be a part of the fastest growing chain of preschools.

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The Opportunity

We help you build and operate a profitable franchise preschool. Podar Jumbo Kids offers you innovative business ideas and concepts in education. You can adopt a time-tested system for success that is a result of over 87 years of experience.
The strength of our brand name, A unique system of education - Kiducation, World-class toys and equipments and Our continuous support in training, will help you grow with us.
A minimum built-up area of 1500 sq.ft. On ground floor in a peaceful residential locality with a spacious outdoor area would be required. The property must have at least 3 rooms, 1 hall, and 1 reception area along with outdoor area.

Our Work Process

  • Best Preschool Brand
    Best Preschool Brand In Karnataka From Big Brands Academy & NDTV Profit-2012
  • Service Excellence Award
    Best Preschool Brand From Brands Academy (Big Brands Research) 2011
  • Rajiv Gandhi Vidya Gold Award
    Outstanding Achievements From International Institute of Education & Management
  • Our Ventures

    Shiksha Associates is the company which focuses on early childhood education and is working towards making a difference in this field in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Shiksha Associates in association with Podar Education Network, franchises the preschool brand Podar Jumbo Kids and day care brand Podar Jumbo Kids plus. Our presence in the preschool industry is marked with technology-enabled products, high quality people, structured processes and entrepreneurial leadership, that come together to deliver unmatched value. Founded in 2006, the company today has 2 offices in the two states and 54 preschools. Shiksha Associates reaches out to over 6000 students across 54 centers each year.

    Shiksha Associates is the sole franchisee of Spellbound Kids' Bookstore. The bookstore boasts of a 3 decade legacy of engaging and enlightening children. Shiksha Associates has ensured that Spellbound is spreading it's magic of books in Karnataka and other states of South India too. The bookstore is an exclusive distributor for India for the Letterland Publication. The unique titles in the store sourced from publishers from around the world attract children and parents alike.

    The Management Team

    Mr. Suresh Babu Makam

    He has a diverse educational background with M.Com, LL.B and ACA to his credit. Suresh Babu Makam is an entrepreneur par excellence. He has been at the helm of many successful start-ups and the reason for the wealth creation to all whom he has mentored. An individual who believes in ethical business and fairness above all else, he has spent more than three decades establishing many verticals, including textiles, preschool franchising, educational ventures and the real estate sector.

    Vickram K.J.

    A serial entrepreneur, he is passionate about providing a delightful experience to customers. He has been able to raise the bar in preschool education by offering customer engagement techniques to this severely service driven industry. He strives to ensure that all the stakeholders in any venture are enriched by the association. After understanding the finer nuances of customer satisfaction, providing viable franchise options has been his area of expertise. Striving to stay ahead by incorporating current, relevant practices and technology into operations has been his forte. He believes that leadership is about leading by example. He engages the entire organization in motivational programs, to keep the force surging! He is able to perceive the needs of the customer effectively and use the same for intuitive marketing campaigns and to drive good publicity.

    Preethi Vickram

    She has a degree in psychology and a masters degree in business administration, specialising in HR and Marketing. She is the Head of Bangalore Chapter, Early Childhood Association. She has had the opportunity to present her paper at the NAEYC Conference 2014 in Dallas, TX about Humour in Early Childhood. She's a certified trainer for DAP (Developmentally Appropriate Practices) and help schools understand and implement the same through teacher training and curriculum enrichment. As an advocate of child rights, she wishes to equip all the stakeholders in early childhood with the right practices. She currently helps schools to develop parent partnership programs that helps improve and sustain the child's performance. Passionate about the right practices in parenting, she offers sessions to help parents with targeted practices in the art of raising children. She has been in the field of early childhood for the past decade and has gained insight into the various aspects of teaching at different Podar institutions including preschool and daycare. She's also the trainer for Podar Institute of Education, which offers a diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education.